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GEN+ Learn

Made Easy

A leadership and meta-skills programme that equips young learners aged 9-14 in Scotland with tools for success through in-classroom learning.

We want every child to
discover and develop their
unique skills and talents.

Meet the Gen+ Learn platform

Learners can access their individual Gen+ profile to explore their lesson progress, journal, achievements and more exciting features

Blended learning experience

Blended learning pedagogy combines online learning with classroom-based teaching.

Complete education journey

Four unique courses from P6-S3 which together form a complete meta-skills education.

Complement curriculum

Easy-to-implement programme designed to complement existing curriculum.

Integrated assessment

Skills assessments that help learners, teachers & carers understand and articulate progress at-a-glance.

Gamified interaction

Learners strive to earn badges through a gamified, interactive learning approach.

Essential skills for learning, work and life

Our Gen+ programme is built upon 9 key meta-skills, also known as “learning to learn” skills, these are timeless and transferable skills that empower people to face new challenges succeed in any area of learning, work and life.


Tackle challenges and bounce back from failures with a growth mindset and support systems.


Reduce stress, prioritise goals & manage cognitive load with a tidy space, timetable & mind.


Improve team working and problem-solving skills by identifying strengths, sharing feedback & praise, and practising kindness.


Take action in your communities and become more self-confident with reasonable risk-taking & effective decision-making.


Feel empowered to imagine and create with curiosity and an open mind.


Use verbal and non-verbal techniques to convey emotion effectively and listen actively.

Critical Thinking

Analyse ideas, ask thoughtful questions, and consider unique perspectives to problem-solve and make decisions.


Build a leadership tool-kit and acknowledge your capacity for values-based leadership in moments big and small.


Handle changes or challenges with ease, adjusting flexibly, changing course and embracing new situations.

GEN+ Learning Pathway

Designed for pupils aged 9 to 14, our programme spans from P6/7 primary education to S3 secondary school, offering 4 courses that progressively develop skills and learning using pedagogy appropriate to age and ability levels.



Exploring meta-skills as part of the transition to secondary school.



Developing and embedding robust knowledge and understanding of leadership and meta-skills.



Continuing to develop and embed robust knowledge and understanding of leadership and meta-skills.



Demonstrating meta-skills knowledge, understanding and ability.

Interested in learning more?

View our full programme prospectus for all the details.

Regular 50-minute lessons for in-classroom teaching

Whilst there is flexibility in the delivery of the syllabus, we recommend covering one unit per school term.

Class workshops & presentation materials

The Gen+ programme provides all resources necessary for a thorough and well- rounded teaching of meta-skills.

Skills reflection at start & end of programme

Skills reflections that help learners, teachers & carers evidence and understand progress at-a-glance and articulate their achievements.

Resources tailored to future careers

We have partnered with DYW to ensure that Gen+ supports students’ journeys to positive destinations.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information!

  • Which subject/faculty delivers the lessons?
    The lessons can be delivered across any subject area of the curriculum, including PSHE, Wider-Achievement or DYW. We believe that skills acquisition and knowledge apply cross-curricularly.

    Our primary Explorer programme has flexibility for lessons to fit within specific subjects, themes and topics, as part of a project or as part of the more general Health and Wellbeing curriculum.

    Those lessons specifically aimed at supporting the transition to secondary school process, can form part of the wider transition programme with delivery in both the primary and secondary school settings, as the individual school / cluster see most suitable.
  • Are the lessons inclusive for all levels and abilities?
    Our lessons and resources are accessed via our accessible digital learning platform. The lessons are interactive and engaging and pitched to inspire thought and challenge the pupils without being too difficult for the tasks to be completed. Whilst there are digital tasks to complete, there are also offline tasks such as pair and class discussions. The lessons are classroom facilitated and designed to be teacher-led. Gen+ uses a blended learning model - not solely e-learning.
  • Why stop at S3?
    Surely S4s+ need skills as they are leaving school? Our aim is to really embed the knowledge, understanding and language of skills within the pupils before they get to Senior Phase (S4-6). This early intervention will better equip them with the skills and confidence to best support them as they transition on to their post-school destination. There are very many other programmes and projects available to Senior Phase pupils.
  • Does the programme offer a qualification upon completion?
    At present, the programme does not offer any form of accreditation or qualification. We have chosen to place an emphasis on achievement versus attainment. The programme aims to build self-confidence in the pupils and help them realise their talent, abilities and potential. Pupils can, however, track their progress through the programme and receive digital badges to build a ‘skills tracker’ e-portfolio of their achievements alongside their learning reflections and outcomes. We are exploring options of an SCQF Level 4 qualification, upon completion of all 3  Trailblazer, Gamechanger and Innovator courses.
  • How much lesson time does the programme need to be allocated on the timetable?
    Our secondary S1 and S2 courses – Trailblazer and Gamechanger – are made up of 3 units each, with 4 lessons in each unit. In addition, there is an introduction and Wrap-Up lesson for each course, so a total of 14 lessons each year. The S3 project-based course is equivalent to 10 lessons also. So, in total, the secondary school element of the programme consists of 38 lessons.

    The primary school element – Explorer – is under development but will consist of 6 lessons, focussing on one of our key meta-skills, delivered across P6 & P7. In addition, there are 2 additional lessons available to support the P7 to S1 Transition phase, so there are a total of 8 lessons available This component of the programme will be coming in 2024/25.
  • How does the programme help schools fulfil the SDS (Skills Development Scotland) Skills 4.0 agenda?
    Each of the nine key meta-skill principles central to the programme have been identified through Skills 4.0 as essential for the future workforce. By delivering this programme, schools can easily embed a skills development framework into their curriculum to complement existing provisions and projects. Pupils will become familiar with consistent skills language and grow in confidence of their knowledge, understanding and ability to articulate and demonstrate these skills.
  • Are meta-skills not already taught in schools?
    Most schools have either an established or developing skills framework however there is no standard curriculum for skills development at present. At both Scottish Government and local authority level, this has been identified as a priority, to complement the existing work of Education Scotland, the Curriculum for Excellence, Skills Development Scotland, and Developing the Young Workforce.

    Many projects and programmes do currently exist which develop meta-skills within pupils, but they are mostly extra-curricular, not a part of core teaching and learning, which is where our lessons sit.
  • I’m not a teacher. How can I still get involved with Gen+ Teach?
    We offer a variety of opportunities for non-educators to contribute to Gen+ Teach. Perhaps you are a business or tech leader who would like to contribute your skills knowhow to teachers through an article or a webinar? Please reach out to if you would like to get involved.
  • How do I gain access to Gen+ Teach Library?
    All staff at Gen+ schools have access to the Gen+ Teach library through their school logins, including support for learning and non-teaching staff. When you login, you will see the Gen+ Teach Library dashboard.
  • How do I register interest in the Strathclyde course?
    Please register your interest with lead teachers at your school, with whom Gen+ will coordinate when accepting new registrants to the Strathclyde course. The Strathclyde course is a year-long programme for which there are limited funded places.

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