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How much lesson time does the programme need to be allocated on the timetable?

Our secondary S1 and S2 courses – Trailblazer and Gamechanger – are made up of 3 units each, with 4 lessons in each unit. In addition, there is an introduction and Wrap-Up lesson for each course, so a total of 14 lessons each year. The S3 project-based course is equivalent to 10 lessons also. So, in total, the secondary school element of the programme consists of 38 lessons.

The primary school element – Explorer – is under development but will consist of 6 lessons, focussing on one of our key meta-skills, delivered across P6 & P7. In addition, there are 2 additional lessons available to support the P7 to S1 Transition phase, so there are a total of 8 lessons available This component of the programme will be coming in 2024/25.

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